Ulula is a lab consisting of artists from various fields such as music, video, design and art.
We pursue the new forms of expression produced by the fused abilities and personalities regardless of fields.

Ulula Reocrds is the record label launched and run by Ulula. The label takes charge of artist management, promotion and music releases and administers master recordings and copyrights.




Chouchou is a Japanese music duo consisting of vocalist juliet Heberle and pianist arabesque Choche, which is formed in a virtual world where there's no national borders or boundaries. Their music which comes from their unique philosophy evokes the realistic emotional feeling within the vivid unrealistic scenery.

Chouchou Official Site



Orcaorca is a Japanese folktronica duo consisting of guitarist Maya Kawadias and pianist arabesque Choche. Its woody and rusty flow of music coming from the mixture of both organic and inorganic elements invites the listeners to the another world.

Orcaorca Official Site






New CD albums "The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017]" on sale

To celebrate Chouchou's 10th anniversary, Chouchou released three albums (CD/Digital) "The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017] I - III" on Feb 23rd, 2018. The albums include songs representing their early works to latest works selected mainly by fans voting from 119 songs released in the past 10 years from 2007 to 2017. And all songs are newly remastered by arabesque and reborn. Visit our special site for more information and purchase.

The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017]



Chouchou new albums "Night and Wanderer" on sale Aug 12

Chouchou's 2nd concept album "theme02 Night and Wanderer" were released on Aug 12th, 2017. The album features the theme of "Traveling Nights" and contains 10 brand-new songs. And the instrumental version "inst07 Night and Wanderer" were also released at the same time. It will be the first release from Chouchou's 10th anniversary year. They are now available on iTunes and Bandcamp. Digital download only. High-resolution audio formats are available on Bandcamp.

theme02 Night and Wanderer inst07 Night and Wanderer


Chouchou new EP "Colony/Eve" on sale Dec 31

Chouchou new EP "Colony/Eve" has been released on 31st Dec, 2017. The EP contains 5 tracks including 2 love songs "Colony" and "Eve" which arabesque wrote and dedicated the lyrics to juliet, a piano piece "Andante" specially composed for playing at their wedding ceremony and instrumental versions of "Colony" and "Eve".




Chouchou new remix and instrumental albums "rem" on sale Mar 5

Chouchou new remix album "remix04 rem" (composed of only vocals and piano) and its instrumental version (off-vocal ver.) "inst06 rem" are released. They are now available on iTunes and Bandcamp. Digital download only. High-resolution audio formats are also available.

remix04 rem inst06 rem



Orcaorca 3rd single on sale Dec 29

We will release our 3rd single on Dec 29th, 2015. Digital download only. High-resolution audio formats will be also available.

Orcaorca adieu


Chouchou 5 Instrumental albums on sale Dec 14

We will release instrumental albums (off-vocal versions) of INSOMNIA, NARCOLEPSY, VINCULUM, ALEXANDRITE and Niraikanai on Dec 14th, 2015. Digital download only. High-resolution audio formats will be also available.

Chouchou 5 Instrumental albums


Chouchou 4th album "ALEXANDRITE" OUT Apr 25

Chouchou's two new albums "ALEXANDRITE" and "ALEXANDRITE -Cold Rouge-" were released on April 25th, 2015. They are now available on iTunes and Bandcamp! CD is also available for international shipping. For more details, visit ALEXANDRITE special site.




Chouchou first piano album "piano01 oto" OUT Aug 16

Our first piano album "piano01 oto" has been released on Aug 16th, 2014. CD, sheet music and digital download are now available. International shipping for CD/CD+sheet music is also available. (All you need is to get your account on amazon.co.jp. They also have English page for international shoppers. You'll find it at the top right corner of the shopping page.) Visit "piano01 oto" special site to find out more about the album and purchasing.



Ulula Records発足

Ulula launched the record label "Ulula Records". Chouchou and Orcaorca have released thier works separately under each name. However, from now on all works will be released under "Ulula Records". The 1st release is Orcaorca's 1st album "Elephant" which is available in both CD and digital format.





The program will be broadcasted only in Japanese.




The program will be broadcasted only in Japanese.


Ulula official site opened.